USDF Launches the Youth Sport Horse Ambassador Program

The United States Dressage Federation™ (USDF)  announced the launch of the USDF Youth Sport Horse Ambassador Program. This program is comprised of selected ambassadors, from participants ages 18-30, who have attended multiple events within USDF’s Sport Horse Education Programs.

Each ambassador will attend a USDF Sport Horse Education Program, and have opportunities to be mentored by program instructors. Ambassadors will also assist in increasing visibility of USDF Sport Horse Education Programs, through social media and other platforms.

For the program’s inaugural year, the chosen ambassadors are:

  • Noel Williams (Florida)
  • Erin Bell-Altman (Texas)
  • Caitlin Gallagher (Pennsylvania)

USDF Sport Horse Committee Co-Chairs Kristi Wysocki and Natalie DiBerardinis had this to say regarding the initiation of this new opportunity for the youth of dressage, “We are very excited to announce the USDF Sport Horse Youth Ambassador Program and to welcome Erin, Caitlin, and Noel as our first ambassadors. Building on the success of the USDF Youth/Young Adult Handler and Breeder Seminars, our Youth Ambassadors will help spread enthusiasm and promote interest in sport horse breeding, handling, and young horse training, among other youth and young adults. This year’s ambassadors have already proven their commitment to sport horse programs, through their attendance at previous USDF Seminars and in their own career and internship choices. We feel their stories and energy will excite other young breeders and trainers that represent our future in this country.”