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Lamprechtshausen 2017: Freestyle canceled because of technical defect after massive rain

Organizer will ask the FEI to reschedule it in Salzburg at the Amadeus Horse Indoors in December.

Lisa-Maria Klössinger (GER) and FBW Daktari. © Fotoagentur Dill

Because of the water masses that came out of the sky in Lamprechtshausen during the last days, the freestyle of the FEI European Championships U25 dressage (Sunday, September 3rd) had tob e cancelled because of technical problems affecting also the music system, which is  absolutely necessity for a freestyle. For this reason the ground jury had to cancelt he final of the best 18 U25 dressage riders of this European Championships. The prize money of EUR 5000.- will be paid out equally to all 18 qualified riders.

After this regrettable cancellation, organizer Josef Göllner invited all 18 riders to the international U25 dressage competition at the Amadeus Horse Indoors 2017 (07.-10.12.2017) and secured the costs. In addition an attempt will be made to obtain a decision from the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) for the re-organization of this medal decision in Salzburg at the Amadeus Horse Indoors in December.

The team gold medal on Friday (01.09.) had gone to Germany before the Netherlands and Sweden. The individual medals in the U 25 Grand Prix had gone to Lisa-Maria Klössinger (GER, Anne Meulendijks (NED) and Juan Matute Guimon (ESP) on Saturday (02.09.) Austria’s Karoline Valenta (NÖ) had reached the excellent fourth place in the Grand Prix and “Timna Zach (GER) and Franziska Fries (Lower Austria) were also qualified for the freestyle.”It’s a pity, of course. We all had been looking forward to the freestyle.” said the Austrian girls after this decision.