Langehanenberg and Damsey selected for Olympic B-Team

After the second place gained in Neumünster last weekend, Helen Langehanenberg and the Hannoverian stallion Damsey entered in the German Olympic B-Team

Damsey and Helen Langehanenberg (photo courtesy: Verein Hannoveraner Privathengsthalter e.V.).

Neumünster was not only the first tournament this year for the team world champion and the 15-year-old Dressage Royal-son, but also their first World Cup event together.

The pair was awarded for their freestyle with a score near 80%, despite Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey are working together since less then a year. Already a victorious combination in some 2016’s competitions, Langehanenberg confirmed that they “still getting to know”. But after Neumünster, the amazon said that will be possible to make some plans for the future. Now, those plans are taking even more shape considering their insertion in the German Olympic B-Team and their big improvements.