CDI5* Wiesbaden: Werth unstoppable on Weihegold OLD

Fifth victory in a row for the German pair, Isabell Werth and Weihegold OLD now glancing at Rio.

The W factor: Werth, Weihegold, Wiesbaden... winners.(photo © Stefan Lafrentz)

For Isabell Werth and Weihegold OLD it was (almost) a walk in the park, concluded with 79,804%. Discreet entrance, very good trot on the right hand. The passage and piaffe more than 80%. During the tests there were only two obvious errors of the German duo: the first, the biggest, in the second transition passage – extended trot – passage, estimated between 4 and 5 when the previous one had been assessed an unanimous 8; the second with the transition from extended canter to collected canter, evaluated with 5.5 by two judges. All together nearly a masterpiece for the German dressage living legend.

Second place for an always great Hubertus Schmidt on Imperio 3 with 74,510%,  five points behind Werth, Schmidt is the author of a test with rare moments of uncertainty. Excellent entrance, with Imperio who already knows what he must do. Excellent gaits, with minimal smearing in gallop, and transitions. Good flying changes, the piaffe and passage; the latter caused some problems when performed the last time on the graph.

In third place Fabienne Lütkemeier on D’Agostino FRH, who despite a bad mistake in the first passage, voted 4 unanimously by the judges, is the author of a beautiful test where for once are not only the beautiful gaits to attract more attention, but also the spectacular execution of flying changes. Excellent impression during the test, very natural and energetic. The judges rewarded the pair with 72,902%.

CDI5* Wiesbaden – Grand Prix Special – World Dressage Masters -16 May 2016
Jury: Baarup – Umbach – Eisenhardt – Holler – Velyka

1° Isabell Werth (Germany) – Weihegold Old – 79.804%
2° Hubertus Schmidt (Germany) – Imperio 3 – 74.51%
3° Fabienne Lütkemeier (Germany) – D’Agostino Frh – 72.902%
4° Bernadette Brune (Germany) – Spirit Of The Age Old – 70.961%
5° Inna Logutenkova (Ukraine) – Don Gregorius 2 – 70.471%
6° Juliane Brunkhorst (Germany) – Sieger Hit – 70.255%
7° Ekaterina Maslova (Russia) – Flashman 4 – 69.725%
8° Marjan Van Der Jagt (The Netherlands) – Radetzky – 69.412%
8° Kristian Von Krusenstierna (Sweden) – Languedoc – 69.412%
10° Nathalie Zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (Denmark) – Fabienne – 69.216%
11° Marie Emilie Bretenoux (France) – Quartz Of Jazz – 68.549%
12° Anna Nolte (Germany) – Pentimento – 68.294%
13° Joao Victor Marcari Oliva (Brazil) – Haddington Khr – 67.333%
14° Tanya Seymour (South Africa) – Ramoneur 6 – 65.02%
15° Valentina Truppa (Italy) – Fixdesign Ranieri – 64.157%
WD: Anabel Balkenhol (Germany) – Dablino Frh