CDI5* Wiesbaden: Fabienne Lütkemeier signs second victory at WDM

Fabienne Lütkemeier and Qui Vincit Dynamis won the World Dressage Masters Freestyle under the lights

From left to right: Valentina Truppa (third placed) Fabienne Lütkemeier winner (in the center) and Juliane Brunkhorst, second (on the right). Here is the final podium of the World Dressage Masters in Wiesbaden. (photo courtesy: Wiesbadener PfingstTurniers).

Two Germans pairs at the top two positions. Fabienne Lütkemeier and Qui Vincit Dynamis confirm the good agonistic moment with their second victory in a row this weekend scoring 76.75%. Flying changes and transitions almost perfect, very nice gaits, only a few tenths flew away with the extended trot and canter, all executed with elegance and a lot, a lot of technique.

“I never competed in the floodlight freestyle in Wiesbaden with him before. So I am very excited to see how it will go tomorrow, but I trust on his wisdom, he is 17-years-old.” Stated Fabienne before the competition than later added: “I am completely happy with Quinci. He did such a good job and we really enjoyed it. I have used D’Agostino’s Freestyle as I did during the World Cup Final in Las Vegas. It is a difficult Freestyle, but Quinci can do it and it fits him.”

Second place went to Juliane Brunkhorst that riding Fürstano tried hard to grab her compatriot victory. The pair finished the test with 74.35%, only 0.9% ahead of Valentina Truppa, perhaps saved by a better interpretation of the music, certainly not by the technique. Fürstano at times seemed into automatic mode, following the graph without missing a movement, at other times, as in the flying changes, he completely lost the trim. Good the extended trot, the canter slightly less, while on the final, piaffe, passage and transitions arrived to improve the score.

Great test for Valentina Truppa and the 19-year-old Fixdesign Chablis, the only pair to represent Italy in Wiesbaden. With a great rhythm of music, the pair drawn a graph that could deliver them even a higher score missed due to some errors in the two tempi changes and some tiny uncertainty in the piaffe. But aside from it, tonight, the Italian rider has gained a third place with class and a great desire to show her talent. The gallop of Chablis has always something special and dragged the rest of the graph keeping it at a great level. She even received a beautiful ovation from a very competent and sporting German audience. The horse is still in top form and Valentina was in tears after her test and said: “I have been riding him since he was three-years-old. He means more to me than a boyfriend.”

CDI5* Wiesbaden – Grand Prix Freestyle – World Dressage Masters – 15 May 2016
Jury: Velyka – Hoevenaars – Wuest – Lang – Holler

1° Fabienne Lütkemeier (Germany) – Qui Vincit Dynamis – 76.75%
2° Juliane Brunkhorst (Germany) – Fürstano – 74.35%
3° Valentina Truppa (Italy) – Fixdesign Chablis – 73.45%
4° Thomas Wagner (Germany) – Amoricello – 72.325%
5° Sönke Rothenberger (Germany) – Favourit – 71.8%
6° Filipe Canelas (Portugal) – Der Clou – 71.525%
7° Victoria Michalke (Germany) – Dance On Old – 71.05%
8° Annabel Frenzen (Germany) – Cristobal 14 – 68.325%
9° Yuko Kitai (Japan) – Don Lorean – 67.775%
10° Inna Logutenkova (Ukraine) – Fleraro – 66.125%