WDM NextGen U25 Lier: victory for Germany’s Anna-Christina Abbelen

On Friday the U25 dressage riders had their Finale in the WDM NextGen Grand Prix Freestyle.

Anna-Christina Abbelen winner U25 in Lier (photo © C. Coessens - Equnews.org).

Germany’s Anna-Christina Abbelen won the competition with Henny Hennessy with 71. 500%. The gold team medalist of the 2015 European Young Rider Championships received high scores for the extended canter and flying changes. A close second was Bobby Hayler with Valentino for Great Britain. The pair scored 70.500%. Holland’s Chaneequa Dam finished third with Emerio’s Ureka with 67.300%.  Friday’s WDM NextGen Grand Prix winner Jill Huybregts took fourth place this time with Zamacho Z (67.275%) due to some mistakes in the walk exercises and the flying changes.

Next WDM will move on to Prangins in Switzerland, 5-8 May, where the U25 riders and other young talents will compete in the WDM NextGen competitions staged at the beautiful facility of Ecurie Ted Jonker.