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CDI 5* Mechelen: Kittel wins WDM Grand Prix

Swedish rider Patrik Kittel is a loyal participant of Jumping Mechelen.

Patrik Kittel smiles aboard Delaunay after their winning performance in Mechelen. (photo courtesy: Jumping Mechelen © Paardenfotograaf.be).

This year, he saddled Delaunay for the Grand Prix. Four of the five judges placed him in first position. The victory, with a total score of 74,640% was therefore no surprise: “I ride the World Cup competitions with Scandic but I love to ride in Mechelen, so I took Delaunay.” Explained Patrik Kittel. ” He is just nine, we bought him for my wife at age 7 at Andreas Helgstrand’s.  He is super talented but is really hot. That’s why I took over for a while, until she can take him back once he has acquired more experience. I am really pleased with this victory, because I had never won the Grand Prix here before. Delaunay really trusts me now and is such a nice horse to ride.”

German rider Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Zaire took the second place with 72,720%. “It’s the first participation in Mechelen for me. I had a few mistakes at the beginning of the test, and there was some tension due to noise in the tribunes, but the further I got in the test, the better it went. There were parts he had ever done better. Christmas was very short, though, because we had a 850 km drive. We had to leave on Christmas day. It was an easy sacrifice though, the atmosphere in this WDM was so great.” Said Jessica von Bredow Werndl.

Best Belgian combination Jeroen Devroe and Eres DL obtained the third place with 72,220%.  “I was very pleased with my test today. He had a real off day during the previous WDM of Roosendaal, a few weeks back. Here, his confidence was back and everything went great.” Said Jeroen Devroe.


CDI 5* Mechelen – Grand Prix – 27 December 2015
Jury: Holler – Saleh – Sanders – Baarup – Van Daele

1° Patrik Kittel (Sweden) – Delaunay 74.640 %

2° Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (Germany) – Zaire 72.720 %

3° Jeroen Devroe (Belgium) – Eres D-L 72.220 %

4° Jorinde Verwimp   (Belgium) – Tiamo 72.020 %

5° Tommie Visser (Netherlands) – Vingino 71.540 %

6° Fanny Verliefden (Belgium) – Annarico 70.700 %

7° Terhi Stegars (Finland) – Axis TSF 69.940 %

8° Katja  Gevers (Netherlands) –  Thriller 69.860 %

9° Morgan  Barbançon Mestre (Spain) – Vitana V  69.640%

10° Patrick van der Meer (Netherlands)   – Zippo 69.420 %

11° Julie de Deken (Belgium) – Lucky Dance 68.800 %

12° Kathleen  Raine (USA)  – Breanna 68.480 %

13° Inna Logutenkova (Ukraine)   – Don Gregorius 68.280 %

14° Mario van Orshaegen (Belgium)    – Wilco V  68.100 %

15° Delphine Meiresonne (Belgium) – Wipsy van het Heihof 66.900 %

16° Danielle van Mierlo (Netherlands) – Ucento 64.400 %

17° Lucia Gallardo Muñoz  (Spain) – Symphonie 63.840 %