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Perl-Borg: Peterhof Dressur Gala – Fourth Edition with Guests from 27 Nations

The fourth edition of the 4-star CDI4* Peterhof Dressur Gala in Perl-Borg – will be the biggest ever.

Gestüt Peterhof ready for the 4* CDI in Perl-Borg (photo courtesy: Gestüt Peterhof).

For the first time, riders and horses from 27 nations will be guests of Arlette Jasper-Kohl and her husband Edwin Kohl at Gestüt Peterhof where there will be 21 tests, starting with the Nürnberg lead reins class all the way to the Grand Special as well as a Grand Gala Show on Saturday from the 9th – 13th of September.

The program of the Peterhof Dressur Gala will unfold over the course of five days, presenting international tests for young dressage horses as well as championship classics.  And it is this wide spectrum that makes this CDI so significant for international dressage sport. First class dressage horses need many years to be trained for this and need many opportunities to compete.

The Peterhof Dressur Gala offers exactly such opportunities that are gladly accepted by riders. The list of participants from 27 nations at the fourth Peterhof Dressur Gala begins with “A” like Australia and ends with “U” like USA.

A number of international championship medal winners will be traveling to Perl-Borg for the show from the 9th to 13th of September, bringing a rush of activities to the Gestüt and also filling up all the hotels in the area. From Germany there will be Anabel Balkenhol from Münster (WC team bronze 2010), Christoph Koschel from Hagen a.T.W. (WC team bronze 2010, EC team silver 2011), Fabienne Lütkemeier from Paderborn (EC and WC team gold  2013 and 2014), Hubertus Schmidt from Borchen (EC team gold and silver individually 2005, Olympic team gold 2004, WC team gold 2006), Dorothee Schneider from Framersheim (Olympic team silver 2012), as well as the five-time Olympic Game winner, Isabell Werth from Rheinberg.

The Swedish rider Tinne Vilhelmson-Silvfén, who rode for her country five times at the Olympic Games will also be there. From Great Britain the team Olympic winner Laura Tomlinson will be coming to Saarland. There will be two riders from Denmark: Anne van Olst and Nathalie, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein, who were both on the Danish Olympic bronze team in 2008. Sayn-Wittgenstein also took second place in the 2011 World Cup Final in Dressage.

“Sportarena” which will be broadcast by the SR television station on the 13th of September will concentrate entirely on the Peterhof Dressur Gala. From 4:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. the Grand Prix  Special can be seen live from Gestüt Peterhof.

The entire event has an operating budget of around  900,000 Euro. So much has to be done to create a show infrastructure at Gestüt Peterhof and be able to offer the extensive program of tests. Just the prize money runs to around 125,000 Euro. The lion’s share is for the 4-star CDI/2-star CDI in which 94 participants with 146 horses will be competing. In addition there are the special features at the fourth Peterhof Dressur Gala because this year Perl-Borg is the venue of qualifiers for the Nürnberg Burg Pokal (7-9-year old horses) uad the Louisdor Prize (8-10-year old horses). These two series are actually a show window for the future of equestrian sport and bring the best talents for upcoming championships to Gestüt Peterhof.

The horse that wins the qualifier for the Nürnberg Burg Pokal qualifies for the Final in Frankfurt; the two best horses in the qualifier for the Louisdor Prize qualify for the Final which also takes place in Frankfurt at the “Internationales Festhallen Reitturnier”.

Want to be there? Tickets can be purchased at the box office.

For five whole days, the Peterhof Dressur Gala will offer fantastic equestrian sport and many other interesting things to look at. There are also many exhibitions around the dressage area and stands that offer fashion, food, art, riding sport fashion and accessories. From September 9th to 13th, Peterhof Dressur Gala will be the meeting place for equestrian sport fans and a highly attractive destination. Tickets for seats in the covered stands can be purchased at the box office starting at 11 Euro (Wednessday) to 26 Euro (Saturday) and 22 Euro (Sunday). Promenade tickets for all days cost between 12 Euro (Thursday) to 17 Euro (Sunday).