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Horse, Dream & Poetry, The Summer Show

During the summer, the equestrian show Horse, Dream and Poetry will return at the Great Stables of Chantilly, in France.


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This show is a cover of equestrian acts from the directory that made the success of previous productions. But for this 2015 summer season, Sophie Bienaimé wished to return to a show whose numbers had not been revived for a long time, Polo Tango.

Horse, Dream and Poetry is composed of a sequence of acts with sumptuous costumes designed by Monika Mucha, who had contributed to the success of different shows. Benjamin Grain, acrobat artist, will accompany this beautiful journey with his three spectacular Trait horses.

Horse, Dreams and Poetry is above all a best of the best numbers created by Sophie Bienaimé and her «Chantilly horsewomen» since… a long time. Sophie explains that, it will be built and staged for a large audience: family and international.


The Horsewomen of Chantilly

The Horsewomen of Chantilly (Copyright © RB PRESSE)

The Horsewomen of Chantilly

The horsewomen who perform at the Grand Stables of Chantilly are a permanent troupe of eight artist riders, only women, and of a high equestrian level who train their horses themselves. Now the horses, mostly Iberian, are recruited at the age of 4 or 5 years and it usually takes three years of preparation before a student is ready to be presented in a show. Horses, all geldings or stallions, are used to the confined stage, the lights, music and audience through the daily educational presentations where horsewomen present to the visitors of the Horse Museum a few secrets of Dressage.

The Horse Museum

Inaugurated a year ago (June 16th, 2013 to be exact), the new Horse Museum, that received nearly 175,000 visitors in its first year of existence, occupies fifteen rooms of the Cour des Remises with exhibitions of works tracing the evolution of the use of the horse through the ages and equestrian civilizations. Horse Museum of Chantilly is a worldwide reference. An inevitable passage for all art and equestrian culture lovers.

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An exclusive exhibition for this summer : TURF !

150 exceptional photographs created by more than twenty of the best known photo-journalists, from France, Italy, Germany Great Britain, Japan, Ireland, Peru and the USA, all specialized in horse- racing, will be exhibited in the West Nave of the Grandes Ecuries of Chantilly as from Friday 12 June 2015.
Grouped by themes, the photographs will show the special atmosphere created by thoroughbreds, their trainers and owners, with the stables, gallops, races, the jockeys, the triumphs and disappointments – and, of course, the crowd. The images will be complemented by a few significant objects.