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CDIO-PJYR Hagen: Bonjour, Good Morning, God Morgen, Dóbre Utra

Hagen is ready to host the best youth from 27 nations for the "Future Champions" international event (photo courtesy: P.S.I. Events).

It is held as the “Aachen of youth”; attracts every year the young elite from across Europe to the Kasselmann Stables and creates sportive future in the dressage and show jumping arena at the Borgberg in Hagen a.T.W.. Due to the fact that it is so international and forward-looking, from 2011 on the Youth Nation Cups tournament in Hagen carries the name “Future Champions”.

It starts today as the regional, national and international top-sport dressage show, as well as the promotion of talented young riders and horses. The only official German Nation Cups for Ponys, Juniors and Young Riders attract the best Young Riders from around the world to the Osnabrück region. In each country, only one operator per year may provide official Nations Cups. The seniors in Germany always compete at the world famous CHIO Aachen, the young athletes will meet again at the foot of the Borgberg in Hagen in 2012.

The Nation Cups and big tours are in the focus of sports, but above all, it is about meetings, contacts and lighthearted friendships across national borders.
The 12 to 21 years old Pony Riders, Junior Riders and Young Riders are repeatedly enthusiastic when it comes to the official Nations Cup tournament at the Kasselmann Stables.

Since 2009 a comparison all over Germany at a Federal state level has been opened, through the “LVM Masters of the national associations”, which sums up the show jumping and dressage riders in one team. 2011 the tour of the Children completes the athletic program for the first time – these are the twelve-to 14-year-old jumping riders.

For the Nations teams, the Official German Nations Cup Tournament is an important assessment of where everyone stands before the European Championships in Bern/Switzerland (Young Riders and Juniors Dressage) and Fontainebleau/France (Pony Dressage), which will all take place in July.

A total of 641 riders with 925 horses are expected at Hof Kasselmann making the journey from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Germany.

With a total of six Nations Cups and not less than 27 nations “Future Champions” will not fall short of the International Young Riders’ Festival in 2011.