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WDM line up for Vidauban.

The new season of the World Dressage Masters will kick off during the Vidauban Dressage Festival, which will take place from 4 til 15 March in the south of France.

Patrik Kittel last year winner at Vidauban's WDM (photo © DRESSAGE-international).

The first weekend dressage riders will compete in the CDIO and the second weekend Vidauban will be the stage for the WDM 5* competitions and the WDM NextGen.

Ten nations
18 Riders from ten nations will travel to Vidauban to compete in the WDM Grand Prix presented by NÜRNBERGER Versicherungsgruppe (€ 10,000), the WDM Grand Prix Special presented by Global Dressage Analytics (€ 10,000) and the WDM Vian Group Grand Prix Freestyle (€ 70,000).

Host nation France is represented by five riders of which three were a member of the French team at the World Equestrian Games: WDM debutant Alexandre Ayache (Lights of Londonderry), Stephanie Brieussel (Amorak), Bertrand Liegard (Star Wars), Anne Sophie Serre (Rossini) and Arnaud Serre (Robinson De Lafont de Massa).

Sweden is sending Patrik Kittel (Deja), one of the favorites for the podium and Mads Hendeliowitz (Jimmie Choo Seo). Last year Patrik Kittel won the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle in Vidauban met Watermill Scandic HBC.

Italy is well represented with four riders. Among them is Italy’s currently best dressage rider Valentina Truppa (Fixdesign Chablis). She has been very successful in the WDM with Fixdesign Eremo del Castegno and won the Grand Prix Freestyle in Munich in 2012 and the Grand Prix Special in Cannes in 2010. She finished runner-up in last year’s Grand Prix  and Freestyle in Vidauban. Also the new emerging talent 20 year-old Leonardo Tiozzo from Rome with Randon will compete.

A new face for the WDM is Russia’s Tatiana Dorofeeva. She initially wanted to become an eventing rider, but turned to dressage later. Her parents worked at the All Russian Horse Breeding Institute. Her father Vitaly Dorofeev was a member of the Russian eventing team. She made her international debut in 1994 and represented Russia at the 2011 and 2013 European Championships, the 2013 World Cup Final and the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Caen. She turned 50 on 2 February.

Estonia’s Grete Püvi is another debutante in the WDM. She lives in Nice, France and she started as a show jumper. She trained with Udo Lange and Monica Theodorescu and is currently trained by Alexandre Ayache, who is also competing in Vidauban.  She made her international debut in 2005. She speaks six languages: Estonian, English, German, French, Finnish and Russian.
Riders from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland complete the line-up.

WDM NextGen’s goal is to give young Grand Prix riders the opportunity to gain experience at 5 star shows. Vidauban is the first in a series of five competitions. In Vidauban five young talents from five nations will experience the international atmosphere.

Line-up WDM 5*:
Karin Kosak (AUT) Lucy’s Day
Mario Van Orshaegen (BEL) Wilco v
Grete Püvi (EST) Talent
Alexandre Ayache (FRA) Lights of Londonderry
Stephanie Brieussel (FRA) Amorak
Bertrand Liegard (FRA) Star Wars
Anne Sophie Serre (FRA) Rossini
Arnaud Serre (FRA) Robinson de Lafont de Massa
Bernadette Brune (GER) Spirit of the Age OLD
Micol Rustignoli (ITA) Fixdesign Corallo Nero
Ester Soldi (ITA) Harmonia
Leonardo Tiozzo (ITA) Randon
Valentina Truppa (ITA) Fixdesign Chablis
Carlos Pinto (POR) Soberano III
Tatiana Dorofeeva (RUS) Kartsevo Upperville
Mads Hendliowitz (SWE) Jimmie Choo SEQ
Patrik Kittel (SWE) Deja
Patricia Schärli (SUI) Cappucino XIV

Line-up WDM NextGen:
Diana Porsche (AUT) Di Sandro
Charlotte Chalvignac (FRA) Zilverster
Jennifer Buda (GER) Catch You
Polina Afanasieva (RUS) Laetare
Jessica Neuhauser (SUI) Ferrero Kiss