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CDI 5* Falsterbo: WDM continues in Sweden.

This weekend the dressage world will focus on the fifth edition of the World Dressage Masters in Falsterbo in Sweden. The dressage riders will compete in three WDM classes with a total prize money of € 100,000.

Falsterbo crew ready for action (photo courtesy: World Dressage Masters).

Scandinavia is, of course, present with a strong contigent. Top Danish dressage rider Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein will defend her country’s colours with her number one horse Digby together with Lisbeth Seierskilde (last year’s runner-up in the € 20,000 Horsebox Austria Grand Prix Special presented by Axel Johnson Group with Jonstrupgardens Raneur), Bo Höstrop (Cajo) and Mikaela Lindh (Skovlunds Mas Guapo). Finland is represented by Stella Hagelstam (Soraya II). Host Sweden has six riders who will try their best to give the home public a victory: Patrik Kittel, second  in last year’s € 70,000 Exquis Grand Prix Freestyle presented by Axel Johnson Group, will start his 10-year-old mare Deja. Kristian von Krusenstierna (Biggles), Cecilia Andrén Dorselius (Lennox), Charlotte Haid Bondergaard (Triviant), Mads Hendeliowitz (Jimmie Choo) and Rose Mathisen (Bocelli) complete the Swedish squad.  Last but not least Cathrine Rasmussen will start for Norway with Fernandez.

Germany is represented by two riders: Matthias Kempkes (third in the Grand Prix Special in Munich last May) with Riccoletto and Olympic, World and European Championship team gold medallist Heike Kemmer who is back into competition with Flash Dance. The Netherlands are sending Patrick van der Meer (Uzzo) and Laurens van Lieren (Ulysses La Haya).
Inna Logutenkova (Don Gregorius) for the Ukraine and Catherine Haddad-Staller (Main Stream Hotmail) for the USA complete the line-up for this WDM edition.

In addition to the 5* CDI good for the WDM also a 3* CDI will take place.

Complete line-up WDM 5* Falsterbo:
Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein / Digby / DEN
Lisbeth Seierskilde / Jonstorpsgårdens Raneur / DEN
Bo Höstrup / Cajo / DEN
Mikaela Lindh / Skovlunds Màs Guapo / FIN
Stella Hagelstam / Soraya II / FIN
Matthias Kempkes / Riccoletto / GER
Heike Kemmer / Flash Dance LG / GER
Patrick van den Meer / Uzzo / NED
Laurens van Lieren / Ulysses La Haya / NED
Cathrine Rasmussen / Fernandez / NOR
Patrik Kittel / Deja / SWE
Kristian von Krusenstierna / Biggles 1015 / SWE
Cecilia Andrén Dorselius / Lennox / SWE
Charlotte Haid Bondergaard / Triviant / SWE
Mads Hendeliowitz / Jimmie Choo SEQ / SWE
Rose Mathisen / Bocelli 1044 / SWE
Inna Logutenkova / Don Gregorius / UKR
Catherine Haddad-Staller / Main Stream Hotmail / USA

WDM Youth Challenge, U25, line-up:
Cathrine Dufour / Atterupsgaards Cassidy / DEN
Carina Nevermann Torup / Blue Boy / DEN
Johanna Du Boje / Don Corleone / SWE
Elisabeth Hjelm / Chock / SWE
Ida Kristoffersson / Rolex TP / SWE
Sara Skeppstrand / Bertram / SWE
Mackinzie Pooley / Partous / USA