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Helen Langehanenberg new video.

Helen Langehanenberg

DressageTrainingOnline.com has just released a new video of 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist Helen Langehanenberg riding an up and coming seven year old gelding in a inspiring schooling session.

Her quiet yet exacting ride allows this youngster to enjoy his work as he grows in his abilities with the canter pirouettes and changes.

Helen Langehanenberg, shows us a brilliant training session with a young gelding working on his M and S level.  If you are a visual learner, this is the video for you!  Watch Helen impeccably ride this promising youngster through single changes on their way to the tempi changes, half steps and canter pirouettes.

Part 1: Helen rides a 7 year old gelding who has just started showing at the M and S level.  After walking for 15 minutes before the video, she begins her warm up on this elastic young horse riding big lines and asking for stretch. They show wonderful stretch at the canter, through the canter trot transitions, and through transitions within the gaits.  All of this is preparation for the work of the session, loosening and warming his muscles.

Before going to the movements she makes sure he is responsive to her aids for collection and going forward.  When they start with the single changes they pick unusual lines to avoid anticipation by the horse.  Helen next asks for three changes on the long diagonal which are straight, but the next diagonal poses a few issues.  She corrects this by asking for more suppleness on the right side.

Part 2:  Helen reviews how important it is to keep the horse on a straight line when starting the multiple changes on the long diagonal, even when things don’t go well.  Her preparation work has led to schooling the canter pirouettes, starting with haunches in on the circle.  In the trot work she asks for transitions to smaller half steps and then forward again, keeping them easy and relaxed, and preparing for the piaffe and passage work in the future.  She works on communicating this with just her seat, creating a swinging trot that doesn’t lose the rhythm whether in collection or going forward or doing the movements.  As they stretch at the end of the ride, the gelding shows great relaxation, and Helen talks about how important it is to make it easy for him to do what is requested.
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