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FEI Dressage Pony For Sale: Blakt’s Thomas

An absolute star with potential for more! Could be your ticket for the European Championships.

Internationally competed, 12-year old FEI Dressage Pony. Gorgeous, elegant pony that competed at the 2012 and 2013 European Pony Championships.

Name: Blakt’s Thomas

Breed: Dutch Riding Pony

Date of Birth: 2002

Sire: Rietheim’s Walter

Dam Sire: Downland Folklore

Gender: gelding

Height: 145 cm

Price range: over 100,000 euro

Blakt’s Thomas is a spectacularly moving pony he has been professionally trained and was a member of the Italian team at the 2013 European Pony Championships.

Very much appreciated and known by international judges Blakt’s Thomas  was the undisputed winner of the 2013 Italian Pony Championships where he won two gold medals(technical and freestyle).
Scoring team test (1st) 69.15%, individual test (1st) 71.26%,  kur(1st) 73%

Also at the biggest international shows, Blakt’s Thomas made an impression.


CDIP Nice: team test (1st) 67.23%, individual test (1st) 67.89%
CDIP Sommacampagna: team test (2nd) 67.77%, individual test (2nd) 71.73%,  kur (2nd) 72.68%
CDIP Radzionkow: team test (3rd) 67.48%, individual test (5th) 66.59%,  kur (2nd) 70,80%
CDIO Lipica:   team test (1st) 66.05%, individual test (1st) 67.81%
CDIP Arezzo: team test (4th) 68.38%, individual test (4th) 69.92%,  kur (3rd) 71%

CDIP Nice: team test (2nd) 66.62%, individual test (2nd) 66.63%,  kur (2nd) 69.63%
CDIP Sommacampagna: team test (6th) 65.73%, individual test (3rd) 70.61%,  kur (3rd) 69.85%

He has three high quality basic gaits, a very good character, is reliable, easy to work with and never gets angry. Blakt’s Thomas has great confidence in his rider and always wants to please.

Stabled and sold in Italy.

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